2013 ‘Rider Tracker- Grey Cup Follow-up

Each week during the CFL season, Insightrix Research Inc. conducts a poll that asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel their opinions of the ’Riders’ performance and predictions for next season. For the final week of the 2013 Tracker, the poll surveyed 400 fans from across the province shortly after the 101st Grey Cup game. We at Insightrix have enjoyed presenting the Tracker this year and look forward to next season when the Green and White defend their title. See you in 2014!

Grey Cup Summary

The ’Riders made the playoffs look easy, and the 101st Grey Cup was no exception. The Green and White walloped the Hamilton Ti-Cats when it meant the most. The ’Riders were focused, played with heart, and made big drives on offence and key stops on defence. There were several minutes during the game when Hamilton began to show some life, but overall, fans could have not asked for a better performance from the Roughriders. This game was truly one for the ages as the ’Riders have never won a Grey Cup on their home turf. Further, whether you call it Taylor Field or Mosaic Stadium, it was the final Grey Cup game to be played at the location.

Game MVPs

For the Grey Cup follow-up survey, fans were first asked to provide their opinions regarding the choices for the two MVPs. Specifically, fans were asked to indicate if the league got it right choosing Kory Sheets for MVP and Chris Getzlaf for most valuable Canadian. As the below graph displays, fans, for the most part, agree with the CFL’s two choices.

(Please click on each image to enlarge the graph)

There was only one fan who did not believe Kory Sheets deserved the title, and among those who did not think Chris Getzlaf should have been chosen, Brendon LaBatte was the most common suggestion for who should have earned the title.

Offence, Defence, and Most Memorable Moment

Following last week’s fan suggestions that the ’Riders needed to focus on a balanced offence and a pressure defence in order to defeat the Ti-Cats and bring home the Grey Cup, there is high agreement that these tasks were achieved. Almost all fans (99%) believe that the Green and White succeeded in creating a balanced offence, mixing up air and ground attacks. Moreover, as the below graph shows, the majority of fans believe that both the defence and the crowd helped put significant pressure on Henry Burris.


The Green and White’s offence and defence both provided some memorable game moments and fans were asked to state their most memorable 101st Grey Cup moment. Comments were varied, but most fans indicate the most memorable game moment was when the ball popped out of Durant’s hands and Kory Sheets caught the ball in the air and ran for another 20 yards. Geroy Simon’s first touchdown in a Grey Cup game was also memorable for many fans.

Pre-Game Entrances

Fans were asked to choose their favourite Ti-Cat pre-game player introduction entrance from the Hamilton players when their names were announced. Overall, the “Spit and Slip” entrance (see video: Spit and Slip) received the most votes.



Unlike the Tiger-Cats, the Roughriders skipped individual player introductions and come out as a single team unit. Fans were asked to provide their opinions regarding this decision and the majority (80%) indicated this decision showed tremendous team spirit.

Grey Cup Championship Merchandise

Next, fans were asked to indicate their intent to purchase Roughriders’ Grey Cup championship merchandise. Exactly one half of the 400 fans who completed the survey state that they plan to purchase ’Rider championship gear, while another 4% indicate that they already have purchased this type of merchandise. Most commonly, 86% of fans suggest they will buy or have bought their ’Rider Grey Cup gear from an official Rider Store or theriderstore.ca.

Selected Quotes regarding advice for next season

Fan comments regarding advice for the 2014 season mainly focused on the new franchise draft as Ottawa is set to re-enter the league.

“Do your absolute best to keep this team together. As a ’Rider shareholder and season ticket holder I strongly disagree with Ottawa being able to steal players to re-build a franchise that has failed more than once. Our best players need to be protected.”

“Protect everyone you can [from Ottawa]. This is a dream team and will only get better.”

“Ottawa is back and that means draft time. Management has a lot of strategy work ahead of them if they are going to keep the best team they can intact.”

“Hardest thing to do is repeat. The one game at a time mentality should work…”