2014 ‘Rider Tracker- Heading into Game 17

Insightrix Research Inc.’s ’Rider Tracker, a poll that asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel their opinions of the ’Riders’ performance and predictions for the rest of the season, is now in its 19th week of 2014. Every week, 200 fans from across the province complete a survey shortly after each game is played. Watch for updates and post your thoughts and comments based on what fans are saying!

Upcoming Game Prediction & Score

The Green and White once again  exhibited some life early in the game but it was not enough to overcome the Eskimos’ strong offence. With only two games left against top-seeded teams, fans believe the ’Riders will lose their next match-up against the Stampeders, with the index on the negative side at -18. Fans are predicting that the Stamps will beat the ’Riders with an average final score estimate of 25 for Calgary and 20 for Saskatchewan.

Team Performance and Grey Cup Confidence

We are happy to present the remaining stats in an infographic! Please click on the image below to expand.


Here is a quick summary of week 17 stats:

  • Team Performance Index: Jumped 21 points to -6 (Fans are relatively neutral about the Green and White’s latest performance)
  • Grey Cup Confidence Index: Slipped 12 points to -63 (Fans are less confident than last week that the ’Riders can retain the Cup)
  • Highest-Rated Position Index: Coaching staff (+13%)
  • Lowest-Rated Position Index: Running game (-10%)
  • Fan Pick for Player of the Week: Ricky Foley (5 Tackles, 3 Sacks)