Well, I’m sure many of are already looking ahead to next season with the way things are playing out. With one game left, the Green and White will look to make some staffing changes in the off-season to prepare for next year. The Riders will look to close out the season on a high note with the final game in Montreal.

Just a reminder, the final 10 bonus points for the Battle of the Regions will be awarded once the Grey Cup matchup is decided.

Insightrix Research Inc.’s Rider Tracker, a poll that asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel their opinions of the Riders’ performance and predictions for the rest of the season, is treating the 2015 season as a battle between Saskatchewan regions!

Every week, 200 fans from across the province complete a survey before each game is played and each region (Regina, Saskatoon, North, and South) will accumulate points for having the closest predictions to actual Rider game stats. At the end of the season, Insightrix will donate $1,000 on behalf of the winning region to a charity chosen by popular vote.

Watch for your region’s score and other stats, posted early in the week following each Rider game.

Predictions & Actual Score

Fans from each of the four regions predicted a Roughrider loss against Calgary. For the most recent game, the actual point spread was -23 earning Saskatoon 5 points for predicting a -20 point spread. The actual and predicted point spreads are as follows:


Team Performance and Grey Cup Confidence

We are happy to present the regional scores and remaining stats in an infographic! Please click on the image below to expand.

rider weekly-week 19

Here is a quick summary of the game 17 predictions and stats:

  • Team Performance Index: Fell to (-75) (Fans feel more negative about the Green and White’s latest performance)
  • Grey Cup Confidence Index: Remains at (-100) (Fans understand that the ’Riders cannot capture the Cup this year)
  • Team Passing Yards: 273 (Southern region earns 1 point, having the most fans predict the team passing yards to be between 201 and 300).
  • Team Rushing Yards: 105 (Regina earns 1 point, having the most fans predict the team rushing yards to be between 101 and 150).

Though we are not competing in the Battle of the Regions, the total score for Insightrix’s self-declared “experts” after the last game is +31.