Presley Predicts is back!
So far, our CMO, Presley, has made his first pick of the season. Check out the video on the site, and watch Presley make his pick to find out who he thought would win the season opener!

In previous years, he’s picked with as high as 70% accuracy over the season. Presley will be lending his predicting abilities to LetsGoRiders for the entire season, so check back often to get his picks!

See who Presley Predicts for the Banjo Bowl: mission is to remain a fan-sourced, information-based website for Rider patrons to share their pre-game thoughts, see their social media fan pics, share game day tweets, read up on the latest Rider news and participate in fun facts via the blog – and most importantly – immerse themselves with fellow Rider fans of the team that makes us all bleed green!

Did you miss out on your opportunity to have your say on how the Roughriders will do this year?

Want a chance to give your two cents on everything Riders this season?

All season, Insightrix will be hosting the LetsGoRiders website – a place where Riders fans can huddle up and be heard about issues that really matter to Riders fans.

Join up right now, speak out and make your opinion known.