Go ahead and add sports analyst to Presley’s job title!

So far, our office pooch and CMO has been 100% with his first picks of the season, successfully calling both of the Riders’ losses and their first win of the season, last game.

Hedge your bets!

In past seasons, Presley has been 70% accurate when choosing the winning team. Check out last season’s Presley Predicts infographic to see how close he was to calling the entire 2015 season!

Who knows how long he’ll be able to keep it up?


Since it’s a bye week, we’ve given the little guy the week off to rest up and get his predictions in order.

Next week, Presley is back – and the only way to find out how he thinks the Riders against the Stampeders is going to turn out is to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to check back each Friday to see for yourself who Presley Predicts!

Rider fans weigh in!

We asked members of Rider Nation to give us their opinions about how they think the Riders have done so far this season. Here’s what they had to say:

“Run the ball more frequently – avoid long throws with the current starting quarterback. Stick to medium distance routes and high percentage throws.”

“They need a new kicker and stronger defence.”

“Be patient. Run the ball.”

“Focus on your job and don’t listen to the bandwagon fans.”

“The Riders won the game partly due to the coaching staff putting new plays into the defence team. Keep doing what you are doing. Roosevelt is a very bright young player. He has a lot of potential… Go Riders!!”

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