After a resounding 42-5 loss at the hands of Travis Lulay and the BC Lions, the Overall Team Performance Index has fallen almost 90 points from +39.1 to -51.3.  As well, the Grey Cup Confidence Index is down from -0.7 to -74.0.  Confidence in winning the next game against the Calgary Stampeders is at +25.3.

How are the indexes calculated?

The approval rating for the coaching is down from +53.6 to +0.7.  The quarterback is down from +37.8 to -27.3, while the receivers are down from +47.7 to -16.7, and the running game is down from +21.2 to -35.3.  The offensive line is down from +27.2 to -26.0, and the defensive line is down from +32.5 to -33.3.  The approval rating for special teams is down from +29.1 to -4.0.  Notably, special teams scored the only offensive points for the ‘Riders, with Milo going 1/1 on field goal attempts.

Selected Quotes:

“Make more use of Clermont! More discipline – no more stupid penalties (objectional conduct, etc.)! Protect our quarterback!”

“There will always be bad games just put it behind you and work extra hard to kick butt in the next one!!”

“Take a deep breath!”

“Adjust quarterbacking early in the game. Don’t wait til it’s impossible to win.”

“I think a more consistent effort is needed from the players.  They just can’t show up and expect to beat any team in this league.  Anyone can beat anyone in any given game this year.  the league is very balanced so the team with the greatest effort will likely win.”