The previous outings for the ‘Riders saw two lackluster performances from the pride of Saskatchewan and the Thanksgiving Day meeting with the Eskimos was no exception. A 17 to 1 loss against the Edmonton Eskimos has resulted in the Overall Team Performance Index falling from -57.7 to -63.9, though this is still not the lowest point for the OTPI this season.  The Grey Cup Confidence Index, on the other hand, has gone completely out of bounds on the chart with an almost 16 point drop from -83.9 to -99.4. Keeping in mind the last offensive touchdown scored by the ‘Riders was in the third quarter of their September 17th game against Toronto, confidence in winning the next game against the BC Lions is at -25.0.

How are the indexes calculated?

Despite the lack of an offense in the past few games, several approval ratings have improved this week; coaching (-12.0 to -5.6), the running game (-38.0 to -31.9) and special teams (-10.0 to -4.2) all saw increases despite Monday’s loss. Ratings for other aspects,  such as the quarterback (-30.0 to -34.0), the receivers (-6.7 to -22.9) and the offensive line (-40.1 to -47.2), were not as lucky.  The defensive line had the biggest change, jumping from -39.3 to -13.2.

While the ‘Riders still have an opportunity to capture a playoff berth in the East, the 13th Man knows that the stars would have to align to make it work. Specifically, the ‘Riders need to start winning and the Tiger-Cats need to start losing. Still, the ‘Rider Nation holds hope that the season could still be pulled from this nosedive and always have opinions on how to make that happen.

Selected Comments:

“Do the best you can this year and next year get a bigger Oline and a couple Bigger front four for defense must improve the pass rush and protect the QB longer”

“Get tough with the team.  They are supposed to be professionals, act like it.  Find the cause of the  problems in the dressing room and get rid of them.”

“Players had more zip then last game vs Calgary but couldn’t get offense rolling. Back up qb, brutal, o-line not effective, running game was brutal, receivers can’t catch balls that aren’t on target.. Need a better running game, need better o-line,, need a couple of better pass rushers on d-line. Too much time given to opponents.”

“What can we really say?  It’s easy to coach from the armchair!!!  Keep playing, keep believing, and play giant killer for the rest of the season.  The real fans are still behind you!  We ADORE Ken Miller, but is VP of operations, head coach, and Offensive Coordinator too much?”