As the season slowly winds down, the expectations ‘Rider fans have of their team have flat-lined. After losing to Calgary 25 to 13, the Overall Team Performance index remains pretty much unchanged with a slight increase from -31.3 to -30.4. Due to the ‘Riders being eliminated from playoff contention, the Grey Cup Performance Index is no longer being tracked.

How are the indexes calculated?

Approval ratings for different aspects of the team are all over the map after last week’s overall increases, with some sliding downward and some increasing. The approval rating for the coach is down from -1.3 to -8.0 while the quarterback approval rating is up from -10.7 to -4.7, the receivers from +0.7  to +4.7 and the running game from -22.0 to -16.8.  The defensive line is down from -4.7 to -8.0 and the offensive line is up from -25.3 to -20.8.  Special teams is down from +20.7 to +14.1, though it does remain the aspect of the team with the most positive approval from fans.

Confidence in winning the next game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is at -9.5, another indication of the overall malaise fans have been left with in 2011. In addition to looking forward to a better year in 2012, comments indicate a strong desire to see the second and third string players get some field time in the last couple games.  With injuries sidelining Darian Durant, Andy Fantuz and Barrin Simpson for the rest of the season, fans will get their wish.

Selected Quotes:

“Give Cole Bergquist some time at QB and Brandon West more time at RB.  Play the game to win with these other players as the fans are owed a strong performance in the last home game of the season.”

“The “starters” haven’t been doing very well so I would give the backup guys a chance”

“Not much you can do for this year but get the morale up the players don’t look happy”

“Keep on truckin’… but get busy preparing for next year.”