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OK – this is getting interesting

When we asked Presley to be involved with another season of Presley Predicts on, we couldn’t have dreamed it would go like this…

5 games in and he’s still going strong, making picks like a fuzzy Nostradamus of the gridiron.

He warned us

We knew from experience that he was good at predicting CFL games – in the past, Presley has predicted with as high as 70% accuracy over the season.

He even told us this season that he would try to beat his record and go all the way. We thought he would make good – but we couldn’t have guessed he would do this well.

He’s on fire

This season, Presley has been 100% across 5 games – a record any sports analyst would sit up and beg for.

This week, he’s going to try to go for another and bring his record up to 6 for 6.

Will he do it? We have no idea! But we sure want to see what happens.

You can check out his newest video and see which team he believes will win in week 7 – the Riders or the Lions.


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