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A streak ends, a new one begins?

We’ve tried to console him, but Presley is scandalized and chagrined one of his picks went wrong after a run that would make even the most seasoned sports analyst jealous.

After a week in seclusion with his loved ones and his analytics team, Presley has made the changes to his training schedule and his forecasting algorithm he believes will get him back on track.

Now he’s back and he’s ready to meet the challenge, (cute and fuzzy) head-on.

Who will win in Week 8?

Week 8 is here and the BC Lions have come to Mosaic Stadium in the capital of Rider Nation to try to relive the success they saw against the Riders last week.

While the Lions are riding high after their win at home in their last game, the Riders have made a decent showing in their home stadium so far this year.

Now it’s up to the Riders to find out if the last game was a fluke, or whether they have what it takes to take it to the Lions and come up with the win.

Presley knows who will come out on top, now it’s your turn! Watch the video below and find out who Presley Predicts.



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