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What’s not-so-good for Presley is great for the Riders

Presley has dropped his second pick in the eighth game of the season, having picked the Edmonton Eskimos to win against the Riders in Week 10. But this time, what is not-so-good for Presley is great for the Riders.

The Riders came into Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton with a pretty salty record (3-4 at the time) on the season and the Eskimos looked poised to run right over them. Sure, the Green and White had taken it to the BC Lions the game before, but that could have been overconfidence on the part of the BC lions, knowing they’d just beat them the game before.

It sure didn’t turn out that way

With this in mind, Presley was surprised (though happily) to see the Riders run rough-shod over the Eskimos, taking a huge lead early in the game and holding on to win with a 21-point lead (54-31 final).

At least, this was his reasoning as Presley explained it to us on Monday when he strolled into the office, dejected but not beaten. It was a case of listening to the numbers, he said, and not listening to his heart.

Now, the Riders are building some momentum and – we hope – they may have a shot at clinching a slot in the playoffs if they can keep things rolling. The team’s defence has come online in the last few games, and combined with an already solid offensive line led by veteran QB, Kevin Glenn, the team looks to be gathering steam for a push in the back half of the season.

Presley’s back on the horse

Presley has decided to jump right back into the prediction game – this time with another prediction for the Labour Day Classic in Week 11.

With the Bombers heading to the heart of Rider nation – Mosaic Stadium in the Queen’s City – Presley is sure he’s got his predictive powers back in the form that he says made him the best in the business. And with a still-respectable record of 6-2, who is going to argue with him?

Check out the video and watch Presley make his pick for Week 11.

He’s been at this all season

Presley has been making predictions on Riders games for the entire 2017 CFL season, so far. If you haven’t seen how he’s done it, visit our YouTube channel and give some of Presley’s earlier videos a look and a comment, and subscribe to make sure you catch all of Presley’s newest videos as soon as he uploads them.

While you’re at it, if you haven’t already, head over to and sign up. It’s the only way to support the team while you have your say about everything about Rider Nation.

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