You can’t win ‘em all

That was what both Presley and the Riders learned in Winnipeg last week…

You can’t blame Presley – with the Riders coming to the game on a 3-game winning streak, many thought a victory for the Green and White was on the horizon.

Nobody foretold the injury to Kevin Glenn in the 3rd quarter against the Bombers, which may put a hamper on Riders play until he returns after sorting out what could be a problematic hand injury.

And even Presley couldn’t have foreseen Maurice Leggett of the Blue Bombers managing to run an astonishing 97-yard return (on a Rider punt gone terribly wrong).

With the prediction loss, Presley’s forecasting record drops to a still respectable 7-3 over the Riders season. Still pretty great for someone who spends more time in his day under his desk than at it.

You can’t keep a good dog down

There are few things in this world Presley enjoys less than missing a prediction –  cats and vacuum cleaners come to mind.

That’s why he’s sure last week’s prediction was just a small bump in what he thinks will be his most successful CFL season yet.

And with Saskatchewan heading to Hamilton on Friday to meet the recently rejuvenated Ticats, Rider Nation has a chance of bouncing back into the winning column, too.

Show your Rider Pride – check out the video below to see Presley’s Pick for Week 13.

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