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Roughriders back in the saddle again

Let’s add another correct prediction to Presley’s resume.

With the Roughriders riding rough-shod over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last week, Presley’s record is up to a very respectable 8-3 over the CFL season so far.

Presley is the only one who knows how he knew the Riders were going to take a victory in Week 13, and he’s not telling.

Maybe Presley foresaw Brandon Bridge stepping up in his first starter as Rider QB. It could be he saw how Bridge would be able to make 3 touchdown passes in the game, becoming the first Canadian player in the CFL to do so in 30 years.

Can Presley do it again?

Going into Week 14, the Riders are facing some stiff competition, as Rider Nation plays host to the 10-1-1 Calgary Stampeders.

With a host of Riders coming off the injured roster and healthy players riding high off their win in game 11, chances look pretty good for the Green and White to start another winning streak that might even secure them a berth in the playoffs.

Want to get the inside scoop on how the Riders will do in Week 14? Check out Presley’s video below and watch him make his pick.


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