Which Division should the Riders shoot for?

The end of the regular season is almost upon us. The Riders have clinched their playoff spot.

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether the Green and White would be better to play strategically in their final games to try to secure a playoff spot in either the Western or the Eastern Division of the league. People have also been talking about who should be the starting QB once the Riders hit the playoffs.

Since there was so much discussion on the topic, we thought we’d ask you, fans of the Riders, what you thought about it. We ran the poll through our SaskWatch panel between October 30 and November 2 to determine your feelings about the Riders.

Here’s what we found out.

Which division is better?

When we askInsightrix SaskWatch CFL Riders Rider-Pride SKed Rider Nation whether the Riders would be better off in the Western Division or the Eastern Division in the playoffs, the answer was split right down the 50-yard line, with half of our respondents saying the Western Division, and the other half saying the Eastern Division.








Which QB should start?

We also asked if the team would be better off with Kevin Glenn starting in the playoffs, or whether it should be Brandon Bridge who would play starting QB. As it turns out, Riders fans like to dance with the one that brought them, with roughly two thirds (61%) of Rider Nation getting behind Glenn, and the remaining 39% saying Bridge should start.







Who should go? Who should stay?

Further, we asked fans about the roster – should the team remove or add any players to the starting lineup for the playoffs? Once again, Rider loyalty won out, and 90% of respondents stated that the roster should stay as it is.

All in all, we found out what we already kind of knew – Riders fans are loyal fans who aren’t about fooling around to secure playoff spots in easy divisions. No surprise there.


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