Battle against other Saskatchewan regions to prove you are a part of the ultimate Roughrider fan region!

Current Standing: 4
Current Standing: 3
Current Standing: 1
Current Standing: 2

Want to be the champion for your region?

It’s simple – REGISTER a SaskWatch Research™ profile and stack your pre-game opinions against other Rider fans today!

After REGISTERING, complete your short profile to be placed in your region. The four regions of Saskatchewan (North, South, Saskatoon, and Regina) will be competing against each other to see who the finest Rider fans are!

Collect points by predicting point spreads, team rushing and passing yards, and who you think will make it to the Grey Cup in 2015.

Here is how the Battle of the Region scoring goes:

  • You will be placed in your respected region (Saskatoon, Regina, North and South) based on demographics – if you’re already a SaskWatch™ panelist, you’re half way there!
  • Each game, your region will receive five (5) points for coming the closest to predicting the point spread in the upcoming Rider game.
  • Your region will receive one (1) point each, per game, for having the nearest prediction of both how many team rushing and passing yards the Riders will achieve.
  • Finally, at points throughout the season, Insightrix will ask respondents to select the two teams they think will be in the Grey Cup. Responses will be aggregated by region and the region who selects the correct teams will earn 10 points for the season! Five (5) points will be given for one correct team.
  • Note that for any ties between regions, each region will be awarded the same number of points.

Each week, share your pre-game predictions and impact your position in the *NEW* Battle of the Regions football competition. The region with the most points will become the ultimate Roughrider fans! The winning region will score a $1,000 prize package for a charity of their choice (to be decided by popular vote by the winning region, at the end of the season). Be a SUPER fan by sharing your experience! Achieve bragging rights as THE Ultimate Rider Fan Region – win cold hard cash for your Region’s charity of choice TODAY!

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